Monday, May 21, 2018

Momment in time

Last week in Te Ngahere, we made a piece of descriptive writing about the forest. Our learning intention was to use present tense verbs and have descriptive language, I really enjoyed writing about the forest  because I think I described it really well. Next time I think I should work on getting allot more writing done because I had plenty of time to finish. This is my draft copy.

Moment in time

The bright yellow sun gazing towards the ground as you explore the beautiful interest and discovering new things around the forest. The clouds gathering around as the water starts to drizzle down to the ground. The colorful flowers blooming as the canopy of trees are swaying side to side. The bees buzzing around while the birds are chirping high in the sky. The wind blowing as you feel it tingling your back from how cool it feels. The smell of the autumn breeze blowing through your nostrils. Curiously, you continue to wonder on through the mysterious path of gravel.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Senior Certificate Awards

Every Friday we have assembly and 4 people get a certificate. Our 3 teachers choose one each and then Te Ngahere votes on the last one. Today it was Reitu, Payton, Taleisha and Ethan for using their hoe. Two people from our class even got  Mrs Lindsay’s principal award. Great job!

Thursday, May 17, 2018


Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, our whole school  does fitness together to help us improve our heart rate with different exercises each week. By doing this, It can  improve your emotional state and have a healthier life. We have different trainers every week and these are students that have stood up for the  position. Here are a some photos of us down below.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Welcome to AJ

Hello my name is AJ short for Alexandria. I was born in Auckland but then I moved
to Queenstown, after a little while I moved to the Bay of Islands. I  have been to Hollywood
and LA. My favourite colour is blue and my favourite animal is Meerkats. My favourite
food is nachos and my favourite fruit is feijoas. I am really enjoying the Bay of Islands.
I have lots of friends but my best friend is in auckland we have been friends since we were
5. I really like making friends  because I am good at it. I really enjoy moving because I can
see different parts of New Zealand. I really am enjoying the Bay of Islands because it is
beautiful and warm up here. Thank you for reading, by Alexandria

Thursday, May 3, 2018


 In Te Ngahere we have been learning about Healthy ecosystems.  So we made a animation to show a food chain.We had to make a slideshow then screencasterfly it with our voices,  I really enjoyed doing this. The thing I thought did well was when I had to move the characters in it . I think next time I could add more information about foodchains more.  enjoy

Thursday, April 5, 2018


Yesterday in Te Ngahere  we started a poem about us but we
 had to use metaphors to describe ourselves. We couldn’t use boring everyday
words we had to use words that stand out. we were not allowed to use I, because,
like and as. I really enjoy doing this poem because wegot to describe ourselves .


AJ is a flower, delicate and elegant growing everyday

AJ is a lollie, sweet and delicious with the taste of success
AJ is a butterfly, soft and delightful, flying around trying to stay strong in
the wind

AJ is a star ,shining bright in the sky every night

AJ is a dork diaries book, full of secrets.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Not so long ago Te Ngahere were learning about a poem that is about our ourselves and we we were to put in metaphors in our writing. This is my first draft.